Thursday, March 7

My wish list - Beautiful swimwear

With summer fast approaching, it's time for new swimwear. 
In all the shops is starting swimsuit season. I know it is a bit early, but from my own experience (from March until May), is the best time to shop.

Finding the right swimwear isn't always easy. I'm like any other woman, whenever I go on holidays, I'd like to have with me 3-4 pairs of swimsuit. :-)

We all know it's never been easier finding the perfect swimwear.
So where to look?
For those who read my blog, knows that I'm a big fan of Next
When it comes to swimwear from Next, they have always affordable prices and big selection of swimsuits
Get inspired, have a look at new collection of swimming costume.


Multi Print Swimsuit

50s’ Navy Stripe Swimwear

Oriental Pink Swimwear

Oriental Print Maxi Dress

Red Maxi Kaftan

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