Sunday, March 31

Handbags, my inspiration with bags

I can't think of any reason why not to love handbags.  
I've always been drawn to bags since I was a little girl. They make everything look and feel better, plus they keep and hold our important stuff close to us.  

Why do we find bags so desirable? 
It's partly because they've become a unique outward statement of a woman's status, fashion and earning power.
Handbags go back to the beginning of time and have become a fashion statement for women of all ages. Basically, they complete a woman's look. 

While you carry your bag , any bag, the style in which you carry tells a lot about your personality. 
Handbag is a big fashion statement piece.

I love Lancel bags. I remember getting my first Lancel from my boyfriend as a present. When we moved to Paris, one day we went for a walk. Of course I did some window shopping and somehow I was drawn to the Lancel shop. I guess it was because of their Brigette Bardot bag display. They are very nicely designed and of high quality. Two months later I got my birthday present and it was my bag I saw it the first time.
The Lancel is the representative of typical French spirit, chic, carefree.
I’ve been very pleased with my own Lancel bags and I'm treasurring them.
Find your own favorite Lancel

But good fashion doesn't need to be expensive. Good quality bag is important, but I think what’s more important is that your bag look taking care of and always like new.


Don't forget to take care of your handbags!
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1.) Clean the inside of your purse.

2.) To store your purse use a dust bag or satin pillow cover.

3.) For storage, use bubble wrap to stuff your bags, so that it retains the shape, as it does not attract 
     moths in the same way as tissue paper does. 

4.) Never soak a bag to remove stains. Some bags are constructed with adhesives that will dissolve
     with water. Your bags will become yellowish and rusty-looking.
5.) Handle your bag, especially lighter bags with clean hands.

6.) Don't put your handbag on the floor, there is a lot of germs. Hook your bag or purse to any table
     with handbag hanger.

My favorite bags for a day and night:

Bruce Field Paris


My favorite for the night out

My first Lancel

Merci mon amour

Ahhh, London, River Island

 My beach bag