Friday, February 15

Motivation is what gets you started

Coucou everyone,

A few weeks ago I decided it's time to develop a positive relationship with exercise.
It's time to get healthy, it's time to workout. 
I'm very happy, my lovely friend comes with me. It's always more enjoyable to share an experience with a friend. When you have someone counting on you, you are far less likely to bail on a workout. 

When we started it was very hard at the beginning, but now we like it more and more. It's getting easier and easier.
I heard many times people saying they feel better and more energetic after their exercise. Now we are one of them.
Some people prefer to get up early in the morning and exercise, others prefer to exercise in the afternoon or in the evening. I prefer to workout in the morning. It is a good way to get into a habit.
Yes, morning exercise is an excellent way to wake yourself up.
There is no better way to start your day than knowing you have done something amazing for yourself.
To make it more interesting, me and my friend cycle on the way back home. It's fun, plus ... You can't be sad while riding a bicycle.

There are also days when I'm lazy and I don't feel like to go. I always try to push myself and at the end of my class, I feel great and happy. Sometimes all it takes is to get into your workout clothes (gym wear) for your brain to switch to workout mode.

Motivation is what gets you started.  
Be strong, be happy, don't give up and follow your dreams!


It's the days when the body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and week .... those are the days when champions train!

Tuesday, February 12

Prague, a magical city

Coucou guys,

Time goes so fast, don't you think so?
It feels like only yesterday was the winter holidays. 
We spend our Christmas in Slovakia and the New Year in Prague. I wish I could turn back time and go back. 
Of course, I'm trying to think positive ;-)

We had a wonderful time, Prague is so magical.
Let me tell you just a little bit more about the lovely Prague.

Prague was a dream come true. 
The festive atmosphere in this city is simply wonderful and it's bound to take your breath away. It's a city full of hidden treasures.
Sightseeing in Prague is enchanting, with magnificent squares, ancient buildings to explore and of course Prague's castle. Make sure to stop and take a look at the splendid view from the castle looking down on Prague.
One minute you are in an ultra-modern city and the next you feel as if you went back in time. 
Prague is a beautiful city, but it becomes even more beautiful during the Christmas holidays.
The most impressive is the mighty Christmas tree at the Old Town Square. I'm a huge romantic and I felt as if I was in a fairytale. 

As already mentioned above, Prague is a magical city. And if you love beer, you're off to the right place.
Take a look at my photos and see the beautiful Prague. I hope you'll enjoy the images.  


One of the cool and must see places to visit is the John Lennon wall. 
A wall covered with Beatles' song lyrics, love messages, peace signs and paintings of John Lennon.
It is located at Velkoprevorske Square in old town.

Thursday, January 10

Skater and Bodycon Dresses

Coucou everyone!

Awww, New Year's resolutions?
1.) Eat healthier and get in shape.
2.) Think positive.
3.) Follow my dreams.
4.) Become more confident and reduce stress.
5.) Earn more money.
6.) Learn how to dress with style.

And list can go on and on.

Are you making a New Year's resolutions this year?
How about this January you'll treat yourself to something nice. 
It doesn't have to be expensive, something simple, cute, sexy and romantic. Simple outfit or dress for example. 
The right outfit can give you more motivation.
Fashion is such a great way to express yourself. The way you dress can say a lot about you. 
Wearing the right clothes can make you feel more powerful and confident. 
But ....
Learn how to save when shopping. You don't have to pay a lot to look good. You can create your own style. Wear what you like and be unique. Focus on wearing what suits you instead of what's trendy. 
Choose clothes that enhance your best futures.
Lets start with ''This year I'll try new things and I'll be more confident!'' 

Look good this year, but shop smarter. 
Go for something you'll be able to wear it again and again. Mix and match, add a nice scarf to your dress, simple blazer, etc. 
Use different accessories so your outfit won't be the same.

Neeed an inspiration?
Take a look at luvyle online shop for irresistable and affordable women's clothing.
I like a lot their sexy casual bodycon dresses.
Keep scrolling to check out their styles and get inspired.

Try to be a new and improved version of yourself every single day.
Be happy!
Did you know that confident people are more happier, more relax and more likely to succeed?
Don't wait, it's time for a new you!
Have a wonderful, loving, relaxing, succesful and happy new year 2019!



If you are looking for something casual, take a look at floral womens skater dresses every womans go-to garment for chic casual events. 
Flirty, fun and feminine, perfect dresses which will become your favorite item this spring/summer.
Skater dresses can be mixed and match with pieces already in your wardrobe. 
Team with pretty pums, an embellished clutch, jewelry and you are ready to go.

Have a wonderful day ;-)

Hugs and kisses to you all.


Lets start with ''This year I'll try new things and I'll be more confident!''

Tuesday, January 8

Wedding Guest Dresses Inspiration

Coucou everyone,

Next week we are invited to a wedding.
I really look forward to it. There's something absolutely charming about winter wedding.

If you are planning a wedding there is one thing that crosses everyone's mind when the times come ... ''The wedding dress!'' 
Choosing a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress can be a tough job. 
Not sure how to choose bridsmaid dresses? 
If you need some dresses ideas, this post is for you.
Get bridesmaids dresses ideas and inspiration. What you have to do is to make sure you choose a flattering one. 
Take a look at latest styles of stunning evening gowns and cocktail dresses. 
Don't hesitate and see their lovely collection. 
All their bridesmaids dresses are stunning and priced at less than $100. With so many styles and colors to choose from I can tell you, that you'll definitely find the one you looking for.

Awww, that moment when you find your dress ;-)
Just look at the photos below for inspiration.

Extra tip:
Their dresses are folded for faster shipping. Please use steam to remove any wrinkles upon arrival.
Also, don't forget to sign up and get 15% off.



Clothes (dresses) can tell the stories of our life. 
Whether a classic little black dress or a floor lenght, a statement piece is the goal. 
To help you in your quest to be the coolest guest, think about the below wedding dresses suggestions.
Ever_Pretty has a wedding guest dresses for a wide variety of styles and silhouettes.
Summer dresses are still a perfect choice. 
If you are concerned about your comfort level for the day, try an outfit in a soft, natural fabric.
Feel comfortable and at ease when wearing your dress and dance the night away.
Have an amazing time, lots of fun, laughs and remember to take photos! ;-)

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride!
~Alfred Tennyson~

We all wish there were more bridesmaids out there.
~Gillian Jacobs~


Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.
~Sophia Loren~

Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her who makes the statement.
~Tammy Taylor~

Wednesday, December 12

Evening Dresses Inspiration

Coucou guys,

It's two weeks till Christmas. 
Are you ready for your work Christmas party or a white winter wedding? 
Or are you still thinking about last minute shopping?
The party season is upon us and that means one thing, beautiful dresses and shoes.
But, choosing the perfect outfit can be tricky. There is the challenge of picking something that matches your taste and fits you perfectly. 
You want to wear something that you feel comfortable in, but also something which shows your glamorous side. Well, don't worry! 
I prepared for you a little Christmas wishlist so you can find that perfect dress for the night out.

If you are looking for a new Christmas party dress, take a look at .
They have so many beautiful gowns to choose from.
Get inspired and dress to impress for less this season. Their selection is amazing. 
From little black dresses, flowing maxi dresses, to elegant evening dresses, they have got you covered. Whatever the occasion, they have the perfect formal gown for you.

While choosing the right dress you have to remember that simplicity is key.
Also, don't forget to follow their measurement tips for the perfect fit. With the right fit and style to suit your shape, you'll be ready to rock the perfect look for any occasion. Bring the holiday magic to life and look stunning in your dress!

It's time to shine!
A little sparkle can be fun and sexy at the same time.
 Smile, sparkle, shine!
Think positive, follow your dreams, be your own kind of spectacular sparkle.

Look and feel like Cinderella this Christmas. 
Make a statement at your next big event. Get in the festive spirit this party season with evening gown with sleeves.
Evening dresses with sleeves are very popular and perfect for when the weather gets cold.
Sleeves serves as an accesorry while highlight your best assets. 
The long sleeve and maxi lenght together is a great choice for sophisticated winter dress. Perfect for your next special occasion.
Remember, style is a way to say who you are without having to speak! 

''Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impecabbly and they remember the woman.''
~Cococ Chanel~

The work Christmas party is your time to shine, so wear what makes you feel like a boss or Cinderella ;-)
Get comfortable with your body, hold your head high, be confident.
Let your personal style shine through and know what looks best on you.
Train yourself to not only have a positive attitude, but also express it. Focus on the positive aspects of yourself and be fabulous.

Have a wonderful and romantic festive time everyone!




Tuesday, October 16

Your Words are Powerful

Coucou everyone,

Sometimes in our life we get into the situation when we feel the whole world is falling apart.
Has it ever happen to you? 
You feel hopeless, lost and dont know what to do?
You look down at yourself and tell your self so many negative thinks. Basically, without even realizing it you are sabotaging your life, your confidence and even your success.
Simply by how you speak.

Power of words is strong.
Words can heal, words can hurt. 
Words can make you feel loved, words can make you feel hated. 
Words can make you feel stronger, words can make you feel confident, but words can also make you feel worthless.
A single word can make the difference between liking a person and disliking that person.

There is a saying:
''The words you speak become the house you live in.''

That's why whenever I feel low I'm trying to change the way I think. I'm making an effort to be more conscious about what I'm saying or thinking. When you think something positive, you feel better.
It's not easy to change your mind from negative thinking to positive thinking. Learning to change your thoughts take a lots of time and effort, but it's worth it. With practice, you should find yourself feeling positive on a daily basis.
First step you have to do is to become aware of the thoughts that you're already having. The next time you catch yourself using negative self-talk, stop and try to take a step back. Relax, breathe deeply, be kind to yourself. Replacing your negative thoughts with more realistic statements can inspire you to take positive action. 
You can try to use positive affirmations. 
An affirmation is anything you think or say. To make it work, you must repeat them as often as possible, especially when a negative thought enters your mind. The most important part of affirmations is ... to say/write them in the present sentence.

Example of affirmations:

1. I am confident.
2. I am strong.
3. I like people and people like me.
4. I am loved.
5. I am successful.
6. People respect me.
7. I am a money magnet.
8. I earn great money doing what I enjoy.
9. I am kind, I am loving, I am happy.

When we change our thoughts, our beliefs follow. When we change our believes, our behavior follows. The power of words is real wheter or not you are conscious of it.
Think positive, talk positive and change your life.



I'm wearing:

Coat, green dress, necklace: Next

Sunglasses: ilymix

 #affirmations #positivethinking #powerofwords #changeyourthoughts


Extra tip:
If you want to take your outfit to another level, put on some stylish blazer and go from casual to formal.
From pairing with summer dresses to wearing it with t-shirt, blazer is a classic fashion piece every woman should own.
Take a look at woman long blazer and get inspired. 

Mix and match and step up any outfit you have!

Thursday, October 11

Honfleur, A Charming Town

Coucou guys,

Awww autumn is finally here :-)
I love autumn weather and autumn clothes (autumn wardrobe).
Long cardigans and coats are my personal favourite right now. It's like you want to live in them all autumn/winter. 
Putting on a nice cardigan, scarf wrapped up multiple times around your neck is always a must for me. Plus, it looks great ;-)  
Two weeks ago we went to Honfleur, my new favourite place to go to. It's just 2 hours away by car from Paris. 
Honfleur is a charming town located in Normandy, in the north of France.
There's a lovely old port with many sailing boats, surrounded by beautiful buildings. It's full of romantic restaurants and cute suvenir shops.
Honfleur is a perfect place to enjoy a weekend away from the city. 
We had a wonderful time. There's also very old, beautifully decorated carrousel, which you must visit. Not just for children ;-)
It's right on the harbour with wonderful views.

I think weekends away once in a while are very relaxing and healthy. Travel has the power to help you heal. 
Taking mini breaks from your everyday surroundings is the best way to recharge your batteries. 
It's good for you mentally, physically and emotionally. Traveling helps open our mind plus it is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself.

Do you like to travel?
If yes, why do you enjoy travelling?



The Lieutenance is one of the most significant buildings of Honfleur.

Set right on the corner of the old port, this traditional carrousel is a must for children (an adults) when visiting Honfleur.

As much as you can. 
As far as you can. 
As long as you can. 
Life's not ment to be lived in one place.