Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Sunday in my Pyjamas

I love days where you can just be lazy and stay in your warm and cozy pyjama all day.
I just really love being in my pyjamas.
Once in a while, it is nice to have a day off. A day off when you don't have to worry about anything.

I have been sick for the last two weeks. You know that feeling when you try everything and nothing works? Especially when you have to work in between, you are so busy that even antibiotics are not helping.
So, my Sunday was a pyjama day. 
I light up my scented candle, put my cosy pyjama on, made a big cup of lemon-honey water and watched movies. Cold weather is the perfect time for a nice lemon, honey water.
Did you know?
Lemon, honey and warm water combined help give your digestion an instant boost.
Awww, sounds great, isn't it?

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Dusana :-) 

PS: Thank you Next for my super cute pyjama and socks. Love it <3

''Always wear cute pyjamas to bed, you'll never know who you will meet in your dreams.''
~Joel Madden~

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Don't agree to accept what critics say

Being a strong woman means being confident in your own skin.
It took me years to get that confidence and self worth, but there are still days that I get caught up in challenging situations and forget. 

Weather we like it or not, there are mean people.
Sometimes in our life we get to deal with bad people and dealing with people who put you down can be a painful experience.
Mean people love to cause stress and chaos. The things they say, the way they look at you, treat you, can hurt you and all this can destroy your confidence. You can go from being a happy person to being someone who doesn't recognise himself, someone who became sad and lost.
Mean people suck away your happiness, your energy.
I believe that a happy, self-confident person, does not put others down.

Have you ever asked yourself question, why a mean person act the way they do? 
Are they looking for attention?
Do they feel insecure and threatened?
Are they lonely?

I' a huge fan of The Secret and this is one of the quote I came across the other day and like it a lot.

When a big change occurs in your life it forces you to change direction.
Sometimes the new path may not be easy, but you can be absolutely certain that there is magnificence for you on the new path. You can be absolutely certain that the new path contains things that you could not have experienced otherwise. When we look back at a negative event that occured in the past, we often see how in fact it transformed our life. We see how that event directed us toward a life that we would not change for anything.
~The Secret~

I'm one of those people who doesn't like change. Once I get used to something and it is nice, I want to keep it that way. 
But wether we like it or not, things change, situations change. It seems hard to accept it, but change is good. 
Sometimes to move forward, to be who we want to be, we need to change. 
Even just a little bit.


''Whatever negative things people think and say about you is enough to bring you down provide you belief that it carries a weight that can push you hard. Don't agree to accept what critics say, be prepared to silence them by doing what they think you can't do!''
~Israelmore Ayivor~

''Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.''
~Michael Bassey Johnson~  

Be happy, be positive, be strong, believe in yourself!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Visiting Montreal

I love to travel, so I'm happy, because this year we manage to travel a lot.
We just returned from 4 days in Montreal. It was a short trip, but worth it.
Montreal is a city in the Canadian province of Quebec.
Downtown is the heart of Montreal, with many old and modern buildings. This is where all the skyscrapers are. 
The main shopping street is Rue Saint-Catherine, you can find there all kind of stores. Of course we had to stop and shop for a while :-)
We all know that woman love shopping, well at least 99% of us. Am I right?

The phrase no woman ever said: I don't need another pair of shoes! :-D

''Buy what you don't have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.''
~Karl Lagerfeld~ 

Have a wonderful and happy weekend everyone!


I'm wearing:
Boots : Next,  Skirt: Similar,  Jacket: Old,  Jumper: Believe...E,  Bag: Michael Kors

Saturday, October 4, 2014

VeryOnTrend Fashion Show

A few weeks I got invited to the VeryOnTrend Cosmopolitan catwalk show.
Everything happened too fast, but I was glad to go to London and be part of it.
I love London, so it was nice to be back, even just for two days.

The fashion show was held at One Marylebone (just moments from Regents park), a glamorous and unique central London venue, used for the most exclusive events.
The star of the show was Rochelle Humes. The singer, TV presenter and stylish designer. 
I have to say that she looked absolutely amazing.
The Saturdays' Rochelle Humes was also Cosmopolitan's October cover.
Have you seen her new Autumn/Winter collection for I love it, my favorite is her winter pastel look. I think pastels go great with winter, especially pastel coats, they are one of winter's top trends.

What is your favorite pastel color?


Get inspired and take a look al lovely collection at

Thank you for my lovely goodie bag

''Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.''
''Fashion fades, only style remains the same.''
~Coco Chanel~

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Orange is a fiery color

Do you like orange hair? 
Last month I visited Toni and Guy once again and this time we decided to try something new.
I'm a bit scared when it comes to experiencing, so Jeff the manager suggested orange color shampoo. This way I could have a new color, which with each wash would get lighter and what I love about it most was, that it initially turned to blonde. I already mentioned in one of my older post that Jeff is a true artist when it comes to cutting or coloring hair. 
So I knew I was in safe hands.

Orange is a fiery, attention-getting color.
The one thing you should know is, you need to begin by bleaching your hair to blonde, if you have a dark haircolor. 
But remember, bleaching is not ideal, if you have damaged hair.

                                        © letne dni look younger                                 
I was very happy with the result. The color was perfect, really bright and my hair looked shiny and smooth.
It was also funny to see the reaction of my friends and people who knows me. Some of them liked it, some of them didn't. 
Well, going from blonde to orange is quite shocking.

I have to say I'm really glad I tried shampoo, because whenever I washed my hair, I had a different look. Orange color looks great, but if it's not done right, it could be horrid. That's why I recommend to have it done at the salon.
Yes, with the right hairdresser and correct color shades, you can get the perfect look. 

Toni and Guy is everything that a professional salon should be, I always get a great service and leave happy with my hair. The staff is helpful and friendly. 
Laetitia did my hair and I highly recommend her. She is talented and responsible.
I have to also point out, head massages are outstanding.

Thank you Toni and Guy Evolution once again for collaboration on my blog!
Especially Jeff and Laetitia for taking such a wonderful care of my hair.


Toni and Guy Evolution 
8 Boulevard de Courcelles 
75017 Paris

Tel: 01 40 53 06 84 
Metro: Villiers 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Going to the beach is practically like going to a spa

If only we could have holidays all year round.

Holidays are about experiences and people, tuning into what you feel like doing at the moment.
Enjoy not having to look at a watch.
~Evelyn Glennie~

Fresh air, sun and the sea makes you relax ... Oh, how nice is to lie down on the beach and feeling the sun rays warm your body. 
Some people say we don't need holidays that much, but there is a positive side to it.
Whenever I'm on holidays, I notice how much my skin changes. It get more soft, real smooth and clear. Sea water is also an amazing treatment for spots and scars. 
It is as well great for your hair. Salt makes hair very soft, smooth and adds volume. My hair always get lots of volume and I really love it.
Have you also noticed that after leaving the beach, the soles of your feet became very soft?
Going to the beach is practically like going to a spa.


On my last holidays tu Tunisia, I had a chance to wear this lovely  Bohemian Plunging Neck Short Sleeve Printed Dress from Sammy Dress. The material is extremely nice, perfect for sunny, hot days, keeping your skin protected and cool.
Thank you Sammy Dress :-)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black Broderie Playsuit

Hello everyone!
I have been busy for the last few weeks, no time to write, but finally I'm back and full of energy.
Hope you're all having a great Summer :-)

We all love going to the beach and relaxing. And we all want to look, plus feel comfortable and beautiful, right?
Wearing the right clothes can help, that's why I'm happy I got this lovely Black Broderie Playsuit from Next, I mentioned in my previous post.
If you are going away and you didn't have time to do your shopping, take a look at Next website.
Next is one of my favorite online shop.

I had a chance to visit Tunisia this August, which was a great travel experience. Sunny warm weather, beautiful sea and sandy beaches.
Thanks again for a great journey. 



''Every Summer has a great and romantic story to remember <3''