Wednesday, October 18

Stay Warm and Stylish this Winter

Coucou everyone,

This autumn has been really warm :-) we had so many lovely days. 
But, the winter is on it's way and with the seasons changing comes the cold windy weather.
It's time to prepare your wardrobe for the colder days and keep yourself warm from head to toe to avoid getting cold.
How you can keep yourself warm this winter and still look fabulous?
The good news is there are so many amazing winter accessories to choose from. 

1.) A hat is a stylish accessory and a common necessity in autumn and winter.
Wearing a hat will stop the heat loss from your head, which means it will keep the rest of your body warmer. When it comes to winter hat, always think cozy and stylish.

2.) Keep yourself warm with woolen clothes, cozy sweaters, oversized jumpers and coats. Dress in layers. Wear a windproof jackets and boots.

3.) Keep your hands and feet warm. Wear cute gloves and fluffy socks. 

4.) Put on a big scarf. I love wearing them, they keep you warm and add a bit of elegance into your outfit. The bigger the scarf, the more fun ways there are to wear it.

5.) Wear a pair of elegant black boots, they will make any outfit stand out in a crowd. 
High heels enhance almost any outfit plus, you'll feel more comfortable and all that will give you more confidence. 
So stand up straight, hold your head high and put your sexy boots on. 

6.) Give yourself a blanket treatment. Keep yourself comfortable on the sofa while watching your favorite sitcom. Fleece blankets are super warm, less bulky and lightweight than most other materials. 

Keep yourself warm and look trendy at the same time with the help from SheIn shop online. Take a look at their website and get inspired.



Monday, October 16

Shopping Online with DressLily

Cocou everyone,

Last time I got an opportunity to order items from DressLily.
To be honest I was a bit worried (hesitant) about ordering. I've read many not so good reviews on the internet. Even though I still decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did.
All I can say is that I'm very happy with my purchase.
I love everything I have received, especially my watch and earrings, they are absolutely beautiful. I keep getting compliments everytime I have them on. DressLily have an amazing selection of clothes and great accessories to choose from. The clothes I received are comfortable and lovely quality.

Do you like shopping online? I love it, sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee and shopping at the same time.

The benefits of shopping online is:
1.) Store is always open, no need to rush, no stress.
2.) Prise comparisson, which mean better deals (better prices).
3.) You can read reviews.

Buying clothes online can be very hard because different companies have different sizing. That's why you have to always follow the sizzing.

Before you order do the following:
1.) It's very important you follow their size chart.
2.) Take your own measurements to make sure the garments fits you.
3.) Check what the material is made from before you order.
4.) Read the description properly.
5.) Always check their processing time. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the order information page during the checkout process. 
Remember, it might take a few weeks to get your items, depends where do you live.

My experience with DressLily has been very positive.
If you are looking to purchase unique pieces of garments, I highly recommend to give them a chance.
Get inspired and have a lots of fun shopping. 



Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
~Helen Keller~

What I'm wearing:

GIMTO Faux Leather Big Dial Quartz Watch 

Button Up Checkered Plaid Shirt 

Pair of Faux Sapphire Heart Earrings

Christmas Raglan Sleeve Letter Print Tee 

Leather 2 Gids Watches Case Jewelry Storage Plastic Top Dispay Box

Wednesday, October 11

My lovely items from Rosegal

Cocou everyone,

You never know something unless you give it a try.
If you are thinking about early Christmas shopping (lovely, inexpensive items) and still don't know what to buy, take a look at Rosegal and get inspired. I'm very happy with their service, shipping time and customer relations are very good. 
My clothes I received are great, lovely quality, comfortable, very soft material (white sweatshirt is super, super warm) and fits perfectly.
Please, just make sure you follow their size chart and check what the material is made from before you order, so you don't have any problems.
Surround yourself with things that makes you feel good and have fun shopping!  :-) 



''Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.''
~Sri Chinmoy~

Now, something little extra, just a few positive words that we all need to hear once in a while.
Believing in yourself is a positive tonic that helps people grow beyond their dreams.
Do you know that you can make good things happen more quickly by thinking about them more often?
When you think a little thought of something that you want, something that you like to do, through the law of attraction, that thought grows larger and larger, more and more powerful.
So keep your thoughts positive. Think about what you want, while at the same time experiencing positive emotions.

I'm wearing:

1.) Dolphin Slit Ribbed Long Sweater - Gray - Size M 

2.) Letter Long Sleeve Jewel Neck Sweatshirt - Size L (I wanted a bit loose so I went for size L)

3.) Faux Leather Band Analog Wrist Watch - Coffee

Thursday, October 5

My 5 items of clothing I wear on a long flight

Cocou everyone,

Do you like to travel by airplane?
I love traveling, I like the view and the feeling of being in the air, snuggling up in my blanket, drinking coffee and watching movies. 
What I don't like is sudden, unpredictable air movements (turbulence) it really scares me. 

Last week we travelled to Canada and our flying time was 7 hours. 
Long flights can leave you feeling exhausted. We were very tired, but still manage to have a great time in Montreal with plenty of bright and sunny days.
On the way back our plane was cancelled do to bad weather. We had to postpone our flight for the day after the original flight. Well, the good news is we were staying with our family and they were very happy to have us for one more day. 
Next morning we packed our things again and headed to the airport. Our plane was delayed once again and we left one hour later than expected.
Cancellations are routine, particularly during wintertime and it's always better to wait and be safe.

On the way back to France I was wearing my cute and comfortable top from SheIn which is perfect for traveling. I always have a change of clothes in my carry-on, I love to be comfortable. I think it's really important to feel relaxed, especially on overnight flight.

My 5 items of clothing I always pack and wear on a long flight:

1.) Simple outfit (jogging or comfortable pants). 

2.) Cozy, warm jumper (cardigan, sweatshirt).

3.) Big scarf (sometimes the air conditioning is too strong).

4.) Compression socks (to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots due to sitting for so long).

5.) Soft warm socks (I love to take my shoes off and put my fluffy socks on).

Have a wonderful day guys!
If you are flying in the near future, have a lovely, relaxing and safe flight. 
Remember to bring layers for when it gets cold, keep it loose and comfortable, be relax.
Don't forget to bring your neck pillow, my hippo is a much needed piece of my travel gear. It relieve pressure on my neck and reduce my neck pain.



What do you wear on a long flight? Do you prefer comfort or style?

Saturday, September 30

ZAFUL Launches Free Three-Day Shipping On Every Item

Hi guys! 

Here’s a fun new promotion from Zaful that I wanted to share in case you’ve been meaning to shop on their website:

We now grandly promote our new free shipping event. Every product that could be found on ZAFUL using the standard shipping method will now cost no shipping fee for three days. The new offer is available starting at 26th 2PM ~29th 2PM (GMT+8)

Excellent combination with Bundle sale & Free shipping

A bundle sale is available during this event. Buy two items to get extra $4 off, buy three and get extra $8 off. Get huge discount with no coupon needed.

No matter what you’re looking for; No matter how low the price is; Everything will be a lot more worth it during this free three-day shipping event. We are looking forward to enhancing our customer experience and accelerate growth by this move.

Zaful helps people around the world to save money and dress better.


1.Free shipping is only for standard shipping . Express shipping will cost shipping fee.

2.The bundle sale discount is only for items included in the bundle-sale promote page.

Secret charming selections 

A little peek in here and you might find something that inspires you. Several adorable outfit selections presented by our LOOKBOOK models.

Don’t even worry about pairing your outfits, we’ve done it for you. It’s time to catch someone’s eye across the crowd.

This post was in collaboration with Zaful.

Sunday, September 24

Zaful Autumn Winter Wishlist

Cocou everyone,

With coat season just around the corner take some inspiration from my wishlist from Zaful online store. They offer variety of clothes (women and men) .... coats, sweaters, blouses, cute dresses, layered-maxi-dresses, shoes, accessories and many more. 
They also offer great deals and reasonable prices.

The most stunning seasons is here and holidays are just around the corner.
Fall is my favorite time of year, it's pumpkin time and candles time!
One of the things I love about this season is that shops are full of beautiful autumn essentials and everything look so colorful.
Yes, it's time to take out your favorite oversized jumpers, hoodies ;-) because there's nothing better than wearing a nice, comfy sweater and chunky scarf on a cold day. I love picking out outfits trying to find stylish look.
If you are like me, than you are also in search for the perfect coat. The good news is, it doesn't have to be expensive, but it needs to fit and keep you warm. A stylish jacket (coat) can make you look taller, slimmer, elegant. Another reason (more excuses) to buy new clothes.
Team it up with cozy jumper, big scarves and you are ready for this season.

Celebrate the magic of autumn. Take a look at Zaful website, get inspired and find your favorite look for this season.



5.) tiny-checked-fringed-warm-shawl-scarf

Something extra for you guys! 

Want to be the more fancy in this summer? Just do it!
Surprise code: ZFEN


Wednesday, September 20

Classic Sweaters and Tops

Cocou everyone,

Are you looking to add something new to your wardrobe this fall?
I love simplicity. 
Simple relaxing outfit and simple colors. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and make me feel confident. If you wear things you like, you feel better. You don't have to be a fashion stylist to dress to impress. The right outfit is powerful enough to make you feel strong and fearless. Lovely blouse, warm jumper, jeans, ankle boots can be your perfect and classy look for autumn. 
All you need is your confidence, smile and you are ready ;-) 

Fall is here, you can feel it in the air, which means it's time to get cozy and get wrapped up in this season's most stylish sweaters. 
And who doesn't love a classic jumper! 
The best thing is that you can wear it with your jeans, leggins, on top of your dress or with your favorite skirt and tights. Jumpers are especially great for traveling. Knowing what will keep you comfortable and warm on the plane (in the train) is important. 

Today I'm sharing with you pictures that I like from Yoins. The good news is they have now their Yoins-Anniversary-Sale. 
The site has numeros options for ladies from dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and much more.  They have affordable prices and they ship worldwide. Take a look at my little wish list and their colorful fashion tops for women collection. Don't forget to also check cute sweaters for women collection. Have fun and get inspired :-)




I love fall, autumn weather is sweater weather .... pumpkin spice and everything is nice ;-)