Monday, April 15

How to change your body wave hair into straight

Coucou guys,

Get ready to rock this summer with human hair extensions.
Be ready for the colorful summer and fun in the sun!

We can wear different style clothes so we may need different style matching, as well as the hairstyle.
If you buy the human hair, I think you don't need to worry about this, since they can be dyed and permed however you want.

As girls, we want to have various hairstyles, and we also want to have more hairstyles with fewer costs. So today we are going to take the Brazilian body wave human virgin hair as an example, and we are gonna change it into the straight human hair.
Let's get started.

Before the job, we may prepare everything we need:
Paddle brush, rat tail combs, holding spray, heat protector spray, hair bands, hair clamp, flat irons.
First, apply the brilliantine all around your hair to moisturize your hair, and comb your hair out with the paddle brush. Then, apply some heat protector spray on your hair to avoid the heat damage to your hair and the blending problem. Then use the holding spray to help the hairstyle last for a long time.

Part your hair into 2 sections from the middle of your head, then tie one side hair with the hair band and it will not slide. Divide the untied hair into up and down two parts. Use the hair clamp to secure the upper part hair while you doing the section.
Divide a strand of hair from the down part with rat tail combs, straighten the hair with flat irons slowly and gently, repeat the process with the rest of hair. You may use the heat protector and holding spray again for the better styling. Then, repeat the same process on the other side hair.
After the curling job, you may need some concealer or liquid foundation or some makeup things to modify the scalp and hairline. Use the holding spray again to make the hairstyle last for a longer time. 
Then, your straight hair is finished. 

If you wear a Brazilian body wave human hair wig from hair vendors, you may also change your middle part hair into a side part hair easily by pulling the wig slowly. Then you will get a different hairstyle.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!


  1. great instructions! Have a lovely day Dusana.

  2. What a great idea to change the hair a bit and great tips on 'how to'.

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