Tuesday, April 2

Positive Affirmations to Inspire You

Coucou everyone,

Do you believe in affirmations?
Affirmations are positive self-talk. Affirmation is anything you say or think. 
They make you feel good and help you focus on the goals you desire to achieve. The point of affirmations isn't to try and let them do all the work for you, it's to allow them to give you a boost so that it's easier to change your behavior and achieve the positive result.

The best way to use them is to repeat each of them every day as often as possible. You can repeat your affirmations aloud to yourself while looking in the mirror, say them silently inside your head or write them down.
Try it!
Speak the affirmations out loud for about five minutes three times a day - morning, afternoon and evening. Also, you can try to write what you want to create. Try it for 10 days.
Write a sentence as if it has already happened in your life.
Example: I am very happy/thankful for .........
Heal yourself, love yourself, use positive affirmations and change your life for better!

Positive affirmations:

I am happy.

I feel great.

I like people and people like me. 

People respect me.

I am successful.

I attract success and prosperity with all my ideas. 

I am a money magnet. 

Money comes to me easily.

I love my job and I enjoy it.

I work from home.

I am losing weight.

Do you believe that if you dress well then you feel good?
Dressing up makes us feel good and I do think that if you dress well it can improve your mood.
So, if you are planning any special event and you need some dresses ideas, take a look at the photos below and get inspired. 

Whether you attend a wedding and you need a Bridesmaids Dresses  
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What you wear makes a huge difference. 
Take a look at their website and make this event more special. Because when you feel comfortable and confident, you feel happier.
Ever-pretty.com has stunning evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Their collection is lovely and priced at less than $100.

See their latest gowns. 
You might like flowing burgundy bridesmaids dresses or gorgeous navy-blue bridesmaids dresses.
So choose properly, be confident and lets clothes tell the world what you are and how you feel.
Remember, fashion is wearable poetry!




  1. Lovely affirmations, I do believe that positive affirmations can train us to think more positively.
    Beautiful selection of dresses. Putting on a beautiful dress always makes me feel better.

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  3. I love these positive affirmations! Amazing dresses too!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  5. We need to stay postitive, always!

    Gorgeous dresses :) xx

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