Friday, March 15

Let's talk about body scrubs

Three years ago, I went to Marrakech for a wedding of my boyfriend's brother
We spend there one week and it was amazing. My boyfriend surprised me with a nice Moroccan Hammam Spa treatment. Moroccan Hammam is a steam room where different body treatments like aromatherapy, detoxification, steam, massage and relaxation are done. It last about 90 minutes.
It was an amazing experience for me and my skin felt like a newborn baby skin. I could still feel the effects up to three weeks afterwards - my skin just felt super soft and smooth.
This is why I love scrubs. 

Lets talk a little more about body scrubs.
Regular use of body scrubs can rub out the rough and bumpy skin to make it smooth and shiny.
A body scrub offers special skin care advantages that you don't get from body cleansers and moisturizers. When dead skin cells are removed through the gentle exfoliating, moisturizer can be absorbed better.

Body scrubs are great for cleaning your skin and getting rid of dead cells, dirt and oil. The firm, circular motions you use when you rub the scrub against your body can also improve blood circulation and firm up your skin.
Hurra, lets minimize the unsightly appearance of cellulite!

Body scrub benefits:
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It opens the pores and wakens the skin before a body treatment
Make your skin look more youthful 
Skin glow 
Improve cellulite and aging 
Prepares your skin for an even tan
The oils can relax or stimulate your senses

Treating yourself to a body scrub, especially when combined with a massage can be very relaxing.
Massage your skin with loofah while you are taking shower. Exfoliating removes dead cells from the uppermost layer of skin to reveal the fresher, younger skin underneath. 

Ahhh, memories. I love this picture, we had a great time.

Extra tip: 
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Apply a small amount of scrub to a soft washcloth and scrub gently in a circular motion while slowly moving down the body from shoulders to feet. Applying too much pressure when using a body scrub can cause skin irritation and scratches. Rinse and apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Your skin should look and feel better already.
Do not use your body scrub too often because frequent scrubbing can damage the young skin layer. 
Do not exfoliate a skin with sunburn.

Treat yourself to a nice scrub, feel healthier and happier. 



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    1. Hi Keany, hope you feel great after your scrub. I love body srubs, it leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.
      Dusana :-)

  3. Body scubs are very good for skin, your tips are so useful!

  4. Thank you, I'm glad you find my post useful.
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