Friday, January 11

Spring Fashion All in Blue

Ever wonder how certain people always look nice? It's because they're dressing fashionably and being fashionable is being confident.  
This January get into the blue. Blue is in fashion this year. Designers have made blue color a happy and stylish.
Blue is the color of electricity. 
Blue is the color of truth, serenity, harmony, helping to soothe the mind. It is good for cooling, relaxing and protecting. Good for calming the body and mind, raising frequency, etc.
Blue is the color of electricity.  

Get inspired with next  and get into the blue.
NEXT is a UK based retailer offering affordable, fashionable, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothes and accessories for women, men and children together with a full range of homewares.
Check online for some great tips on having a great style. 


Fabric Mix Trench Coat

Scarf Layer Top

 Cobalt Neon Grab Bag

Enamel Bangle Set Three Pack

Navy/Turquoise Embroidered Padded Bras Two Pack

Navy And Grey Playsuit

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  1. Different shades of blue mixed together look amazing!

  2. i love Next. i always spend a leetle to much there lol! i am craving that blue bag.. so great for spring/summer! xx