Sunday, March 2

Overcoming Fear of Heights

As I mentioned in my last post, I just came back from a lovely holidays in Switzerland ''Paradise'' as I call it. 
I'm very happy, because finally I learned how to ski. 
I never have thought that skiing would turn into something that I would enjoy so much. 
Because I was so terrified of skiing and I have also fear of heights. But my boyfriend loves to ski and he told me he wishes, I could do it too.
Skiing is not the easiest to learn as a grown-up. The problem is as an adult we are more aware of the danger. 
However a good ski teacher is someone who will encourage and challenge you. 
It was a great feeling to be on top of the mountains, but then I look down and I got scared.
I remember my instructor keep telling me: 
''You can do it, just don't lean back on your skis, unless you want to fall.''
Leaning back while skiing means your balance will be thrown off and you will fall in many unappealing ways. 
It can be frustrating if you are not progressing as fast as you would like to, so it helps to have encouragement. 
I was a bit scared at the beginning, but once I learned the basics, all experience and lesson became enjoyable and fun.
Now I look forward to next winter. 


Me and my ski instructor

Up in the clouds

What I'm wearing!
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban,  Jacket: Womens Spyder Charge Snow Jacket,  Ski Pants: Similar here