Friday, March 7

A woman's hair is her crown of glory

February has been a busy month for me. 
We went on holidays to Switzerland, we had a few business meetings and our month started by attending to a party. I was excited about it already a week before.

I decided to have my hair done for a night and after my collaboration with Toni and Guy I knew, they would style my hair the way I wanted.
Since my first visit there, they always took such a lovely care of me and my hair.

The team is the one thing I look forward to. They are welcoming, friendly and make me feel special. Jeff the manager is fantastic, his ability technically and creatively is superb. He always take care of my hair and styles it like an artist.

What more can I say? 
The quality of work and customer service is impressive. I would recommend them to anyone. They all are amazing and ready to help.

Having a different hairstyle or haircut make us feel better. Next time when you are in Paris, make sure you'll have your hair done at Toni and Guy.

Toni and Guy Evolution: 
8 Boulevard de Courcelles 75017 Paris 
Tel: 01 40 53 06 84 
Metro: Villiers 

Toni&Guy Passy: 
3 rue de la Pompe  75116 Paris 
Tel 01 40 50 79 79
Metro: La Muette   

After living Toni and Guy, I came home, did my make up and was ready to go.
Everything was perfect, party was great, the only problem was that we forgot our camera at home. I couldn't believe it, night like this and we left it at home.
We took pictures by phone, but as you can see it the quality is poor and they are not very clear. Even though I decided to share them with you.

Ready to party

''A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.''
~Coco Chanel~ 

''She was the most beautiful creature on Earth - her hair said so in that language only hair can speak.''
~Gabriel Ba, Daytripper~

''I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser.''
~Joan Crawford~

''If your hair is done properly and you have on good shoes, you can get away with anything.''
~Iris Apfel~

What I'm wearing!
Coat: Next,  Dress: River Island,  Bag: Lancel,  High Heels: Zalando

Thank you Toni and Guy once againg for taking such a good care of my hair!



  1. You look so glamorous! and you hair looks fresh and flawless, big like!!!

  2. So true when you change your look you feel awesome. Enjoy your weekend doll.

  3. Hi Dusana, I want my hair done there now! If ever happens to visit Paris next, Id love to go there. You look fantastic, it must have been an amazing night. Kisses dear, have a great weekend! xo

  4. You look so pretty! What a fun and youg hairdo!:)

  5. Love your hair! And yes I agree, a womans hair is crown of her glory!!!

    Defining Me

  6. The title of this post could not be more accurate! I just got a hair cut and I LOVE IT

    Alexa <3

  7. Hi My sweet Dusana! Sounds like you had a really real deal month and Party:). You looks beautiful even though you took by phone, better than nothing( Our positive:))...Must been so excited for the Party:). It's so nice of you to share of the Hair Salon with the world. Love the pretty quotes. Glad to be one of women in the planet. oxoxoxo

    Take care don't work too hard my darling friend! always miss you!

    Hugs and Kissessssss to Paris.

  8. Your hair looks amazing. I wish we had a Toni & Guy over here too. Haha forgot the camera but don't worry the phone pics are great too. Wish you a happy weekend Dusana!!

    xx Mira

  9. love your haircut. we've got tony and guy here too! new reader here all the way from the philippines :) followed you on GFC.
    -angel of

  10. Hi Dusana, you hair looks indeed wonderful! Now I have a good reason to travel to Paris :) To be honest normally I´m not very happy after I visited the hairdresser ... but obviously there are much better possibilities than I know!

    Happy new week for you!

    Kisses from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  11. I love this messy sexy hair! It give so much power!

  12. Lovely pics


  13. Your hair really looks great! ;)
    Have a great week!

  14. You look beautiful <3 I totally agree with the title of the post!

  15. You're looking fabulous and super classy, my dear! And your hair is perfectly styled <3 ... - Kisses from Vienna,


  16. hey! its great to find the place where you can trust a thing like our hair.

    see ya!

  17. Hello, thanks for your comment already follow the blog and bloglovim.
    Loved your look, you're really cute.

  18. Amazing hair style done by the hair stylish it must be nice to have nice people to do your hair that make you feel comfortable and all (: x

  19. A new look is always refreshing! xxx

  20. Too bad you forget to bring your cam :( pictures! but is that hairdresser did a wonderful job!

  21. Great photos, your look is really amazing!