Thursday, February 27

Crans-Montana Switzerland

Last week I got a nice opportunity to spend my holidays once again in Switzerland. It was my second visit, last summer was the first time. What a beautiful and magical place.

Last sumer it was very hot, everything green and full of flowers.
This time it was very different. When we arrived, I felt as if I stepped into a fairytale. Everything was white, clean, all surrounding looked magical. It was a really great and romantic holidays.  

Crans Montana is one of the most beautiful winter and summer resorts in Switzerland. 
It is a charming small Swiss village with lovely chalets and breathtaking view. Everything is in walking distance, which I think is very cute. Crans-Montana is one of Switzerland's big, world-famous ski resorts. It is a great ski resort with sunshine, quality of the slopes and not too crowded. While skiing, you have an impressive view on the Mont Blanc. 
I didn't know how to ski, but I had an amazing instructor who was extremely patient with me and helped me overcome my fear of heights.
I look forward to skiing with him again.
The best part is that now I can say ... Skiing is fabulous :-)

How to described Switzerland in the winter?
One word: ''Paradise''



  1. Beautiful images love it.

  2. Amazing! The photos are beautiful!

  3. Wow you were so lucky! Beautiful pictures!!

  4. Hi Dusana, I really believe it is a paradise! The photos are outstanding and so dreamy! Wish I was there right now! You look so lovely and happy!:) Hope your week is going well, have a beautiful weekend ahead! Kisses! xo

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    1. Hi Ania, yes winter is beautiful, I like when everything is covered in snow.

  6. This trip looks amazing and so fun!

  7. Dear Dusana,wowww.. it is just like a paradise! Love all pics, sooo romantic and beautiful! You look so gorgeous!:) I want to see your more pics...haha, have a beautiful weekend ahead! Kisses!

    1. Thank you Rakhshanda, I'm glad you like my pictures, the place is really amazing.
      Have a wonderful Sunday!

  8. Beautiful pictures!

  9. Beautiful!!!!!!! I'd love to come back t skiing

    Lots of love

  10. nice pictures ;-)
    lovely blog! I follow you:)

  11. Lovely view ^^
    i love your pics


  12. Hello lovely Dusana! It does looks paradise there:). I love the feeling of the beauty of all these gorgeous images. Your picture looking so relax. I'm glad you had the wonderful time, on top of that the trip is your home safely:). I've always miss and looking for you. At least i know you are doing well. Wish you a lovely weekend my sweet Dusana!

    Hugs and Kissessss!

    1. Hello my sweet Tanya, so lovely to hear from you.
      Thank you for such a sweet message.
      Have a great Sunday!

      Hugs and kisses :-)

  13. Awn lucky you, looks like an amazing place xx

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  14. Very beautiful!!!


  15. Looks really like you enjoyed your time in Switzerland! And I´m sure now you are perfect in skiing :) As we here live really near to Switzerland and due to my job I´m also often in this country I can understand your excitement, the landscape there is wonderful. Thanks a lot for your super kind comment, you made my day <3

    Happy weekend!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hi Rena, I had a great time in Switzerland and I'm very happy that I learned to ski.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      Big hug :-)

  16. Mmmm! Lovely pics!!!! Like snow holidays!!!

    Angela Donava

  17. The place looks fantastic! So beautiful and charming!

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