Monday, September 9

HappyRainyDays TrenchCoat

I love trench coats, they are fashionable and stylish. I think they can never go out of style. A classic trench coat will keep you looking sleek.
Today I would like to introduce you Dutch fashion brand HappyRainyDays.
They offers a large collection of waterproof coats. From trench coats to jackets in classic colors and fashionable designs. 
Make life more enjoyable! 
Get a trench coat for yourself this autumn, because when it rains, you should smile.

Short Trenchcoat Sahara
Me with similar coat

The raincoats of HappyRainyDays are feminine and are also perfect to wear when it's not raining. A real Dutch fashion brand with world allure. 
Finally it's possible to be fashionable in the rain!

The "little black dress" of coats. 
The trench coat of HappyRainyDays is windproof, water-resistant and breathable. The lining is of 100% cotton. That's why you can wear the trench coat almost all year round and you'll stay dry in a rainstorm. You can close the collar higher with the extra button, to prevent rain from entering. 
The trench coat is available in a lot of colors and designs. 

A trench coat will keep you dry! Take a look and get inspired at: Cityblis