Friday, September 6

Stop Your Migraine Headache

I had suffered from headaches including migraines since I was a little girl. 
If you ever had a migraine you know what I'm talking about. Headaches drives you crazy, because you can't concentrate on anything.
When I have a migraine attack, I'll try just anything to get the pain to go away.

How do you know you have a migraine?
You are sensitive to loud noises and light, you have nausea, tender scalp, frequent or regular headaches, pain on one or both sides of the head, you feel dizzy, fatique, you feel like vomiting, you suddenly become pale, also mood changes can be a sign of migraines.
The pain usually intensifies with sudden head movement.
If you are having a lot of pain often, talk to your doctor!  

Quick tips:
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1.) Sometimes your body lacks endorphins found in caffeine. Pepsi or coca cola helps if the headache is do to having a lack of caffeine. It works for some headaches, but not all. 

2.) Even though caffeine might help, don't over do it. Sometimes drinking to much of certain liquids, such as caffeinated drinks, can trigger headaches. Add water to your diet for a migraine-free lifestyle. 

3.) Dark chocolate works too. I tried some dark chocolate one day and it did seem to help. Eat just a few pieces and lay down. 

4.) Relax, think positive thoughts and try to eliminate stress. Lay down in a darkened room with a cold dapm towel over your forehead and relax. 

5.) Rubbing the back of your head with the tips of your fingers can help. 

6.) Massage your feet with pressure. There are zones in the feet that correspond to all areas of the body. It is better if you have someone else to do it for you :-), but can be done by yourself. 

7.) Avoid smoking and alcohol. Eat a well-balanced diet. 

8.) Avoid bright lights, loud noises or music. 

9.) Poor posture causes tension in your upper neck and shoulders, which can lead to a headache. From now on sit up straight and support your lower back. 

10) Keep a diary that documents what the weather was like, what you had to drink (eat) or if you did any exercise when you developed a headache. 

11) Orange juice, carrot juice and cucumber juice work very well for migraine headaches.  


Orange, carrot and cucumber juice helps with migraines. 

If you are having a lot of pain often, talk to your doctor! 
Not all migraine attacks are treatable with home remedies. 
If you are suffering and these tips do not help, see your doctor immediately and he will help you discover medications and lifestyle changes that help ease your suffering and make headaches less frequent.