Saturday, August 10

Summer and stripes go hand in hand

There is something about stripes, summer and stripes seems to go hand in hand.
If there's one fashion statement you can always count on, it is that stripes will always be in fashion.
We all know that Paris, along with London, Milan, and New York City, are considered one of the world's fashion capitals. 
Talking about Paris and fashion, to me it is an image of a Frenchman wearing a striped shirt and beret, with a baguette in hand.
A timeless classic la Mariniere looks good on almost everyone.  
I like navy or black and white stripes with a splash of red, very classic and so French. 

The sailor stripes have been also the signature of Jean Paul Gaultier for years.
''When I started in fashion, I had already adopted the sailor-striped sweater as my uniform; that way, I wouldn't have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to wear.'' ~JPG~
He even designed limited edition Diet Coke bottles named as 'Night' and 'Day'. 

Also you can often find sailor-striped shirts in the famous French boutique Petit Bateau. 
Petit Bateau is your go-to store for Parisian style.


Top H&M, Bag Mango

''You see me, I wanted to be fashion designer. I became fashion designer. So I think that everything is possible.''
~Jean Paul Gaultier ~

''Fashion is about what you look like, which translates to what you would like to be like.'' 
~Jean Paul Gaultier~