Wednesday, August 7

Kusmi Tea Sencha Fukuyu

I'm a coffee person, but now and then I'm trying to drink green tea.
Green tea is known for containing antioxidants and other health benefits.
My favorite green tea is Sencha Fukuyu from Kusmi. 
Kusmi Tea sells a variety of loose teas and Sencha is for those who want to drink quality green tea every day. 
Sencha tends to have a sweet, refreshing flavor and light color. 
I wrote an article last year about the benefits of green tea, here is a little reminder why you should drink tea.

What makes green tea so special ?
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1.) It is an excellent source of antioxidants and as we know antioxidants can slow down aging.
2.) Prevents diabetes.
3.) Treatment and prevention of cancer.
4.) Prevents bad breath. 
5.) Infections.
6.) Reducing blood sugar.
7.) Helps protect your heart.
8.) Aiding in proper digestion
9.) Reducing weight. The best way to lose weight is drinking about 3-4 cups daily.
10.)Keep your teeth healthy and kills bacteria which causes the dental plaque.

Beautiful skin is hydrated skin. Drink your way to younger looking skin.  


Drink your way to younger looking skin. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine, don't over do it. What does too much of green tea do to you?
Side effects:
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1.) Insomnia
2.) Irregular heart beat 
3.) Loss of appetite
4.) Dizziness  and headaches

Cookie and tea, my favorite combination.