Wednesday, October 17

Home remedy for smelly feet

Many people have smelly feet and shoes and we all know that smelly feet can be embarrassing.
If you suffer from this foot odor, don't worry.   

Follow these home remedies to help your feet to stay drier. 

Quick Tip :
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1.) Wear shoes made from natural materials like: canvas, leather, etc. instead of artificial materials.

2.) Baby powder or baking powder will help to dry up the shoe and absorb the odor.
3.) Take care of your feet, dry them properly, wash your socks after every use and use a deodorizer.
4.) Wear socks that let your feet breathe. Natural fibers such as cotton or wool are best. 
5.) If possible, change your socks at least once during the day and don't wear the same pair two days 
     in a row without washing them.
6.) Make sure you are getting plenty of zinc. One of the symptoms of a zinc deficiency is foot odor. 
7.) Soak your feet several times a week with natural apple cider. Remember to dry your feet 
     thoroughly after soaking.
8.) Also try vinegar. Pour ½ cup white vinegar into a warm foot bath. Soak feet for half an hour.  
     Rinse and dry thoroughly.
9.) Try soaking your feet in mouthwash.  
10) Go barefoot when you can. Exposing feet to the air can help sweat evaporate.

Stinky foot odor is generally caused by the growth of bacteria on sweaty feet or in sweaty shoes. Keeping your feet clean and dry and making sure your shoes have thoroughly dried will go a long way towards preventing foot odor. Once again, wear cotton socks, they will absorb moisture when your feet sweat. Don't forget comfortable shoes that allow your feet to breath.  
If possible, do not wear the same shoes each day.
Now you know how to stop smelly feet.  :-)


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