Saturday, September 22

Get rid of blue under-eye circles

We all know that situation when you wake up early in the morning, especially after a few days of late nights, look in the mirror and see yourself with dark circles underf the eyes. And we also know that getting rid of dark circles is sometimes difficult.
The main causes are tiredness, stress, alcohol (too many party nights) or it may even be just heridity. 

I hate when I come to work and my collegueas keep asking me: ''Are you ok, you look so tired.''
At that moment I know, what is giving me away.
I tried to use garnier roll-on concealer (the one with the caffeine), but it helped me just a little bit.
The best way to get rid of them is natural way and I have found a little routine which works for me.

Quick tips:

1.) Drinking plenty of water.

2.) Limiting your salt intakes (very hard, I love salty crisps).

3.) Good sleep, it is also very hard cause I'm always up late, but I believe it is the quality not the quantity that matters.

4.) Using a sunscreen with a minimum of 15 to protect the delicate skin (even in the winter).

5.) Very old trick, cucumber slices over your eyes for about 15-20 minutes. You will see the results after a few uses.

6.) Another old trick, placing cooled teabags over eyes for 15 minutes. Regular black tea is the best.

7.) My favorite is using potato. It has a skin lightening enzyme called catecholase and it can fade dark circles temporarily. What you do is put thin slices of raw potato over dark circles and leave it on for about a5-20 minutes.

8.) Number eight is crushed mint leaves. Apply the mashed leaves under eye circles, leave on for 20 mintes and then rinse.

8.) You can also try to use a concealer with a yellow undertone if you have the blue under-eye circles. Or peachy color if you have brown-yellow under-eye circles.