Wednesday, October 11

My lovely items from Rosegal

Cocou everyone,

You never know something unless you give it a try.
If you are thinking about early Christmas shopping (lovely, inexpensive items) and still don't know what to buy, take a look at Rosegal and get inspired. I'm very happy with their service, shipping time and customer relations are very good. 
My clothes I received are great, lovely quality, comfortable, very soft material (white sweatshirt is super, super warm) and fits perfectly.
Please, just make sure you follow their size chart and check what the material is made from before you order, so you don't have any problems.
Surround yourself with things that makes you feel good and have fun shopping!  :-) 



''Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest.''
~Sri Chinmoy~

Now, something little extra, just a few positive words that we all need to hear once in a while.
Believing in yourself is a positive tonic that helps people grow beyond their dreams.
Do you know that you can make good things happen more quickly by thinking about them more often?
When you think a little thought of something that you want, something that you like to do, through the law of attraction, that thought grows larger and larger, more and more powerful.
So keep your thoughts positive. Think about what you want, while at the same time experiencing positive emotions.

I'm wearing:

1.) Dolphin Slit Ribbed Long Sweater - Gray - Size M 

2.) Letter Long Sleeve Jewel Neck Sweatshirt - Size L (I wanted a bit loose so I went for size L)

3.) Faux Leather Band Analog Wrist Watch - Coffee


  1. Great haul babe, you are super stylish!
    Kisses, Paola.

  2. These items are so pretty! You look on point!

  3. Nice items! I like Rosegal, they always provide cute items


  4. Some great pieces! I especially like the watch - it looks so classy!
    Thanks for sharing
    Julia x

  5. Love the watch and the adorable warm sweater. Perfect styling!
    I just followed your lovely blog (#248). Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.