Thursday, October 5

My 5 items of clothing I wear on a long flight

Cocou everyone,

Do you like to travel by airplane?
I love traveling, I like the view and the feeling of being in the air, snuggling up in my blanket, drinking coffee and watching movies. 
What I don't like is sudden, unpredictable air movements (turbulence) it really scares me. 

Last week we travelled to Canada and our flying time was 7 hours. 
Long flights can leave you feeling exhausted. We were very tired, but still manage to have a great time in Montreal with plenty of bright and sunny days.
On the way back our plane was cancelled do to bad weather. We had to postpone our flight for the day after the original flight. Well, the good news is we were staying with our family and they were very happy to have us for one more day. 
Next morning we packed our things again and headed to the airport. Our plane was delayed once again and we left one hour later than expected.
Cancellations are routine, particularly during wintertime and it's always better to wait and be safe.

On the way back to France I was wearing my cute and comfortable top from SheIn which is perfect for traveling. I always have a change of clothes in my carry-on, I love to be comfortable. I think it's really important to feel relaxed, especially on overnight flight.

My 5 items of clothing I always pack and wear on a long flight:

1.) Simple outfit (jogging or comfortable pants). 

2.) Cozy, warm jumper (cardigan, sweatshirt).

3.) Big scarf (sometimes the air conditioning is too strong).

4.) Compression socks (to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis or blood clots due to sitting for so long).

5.) Soft warm socks (I love to take my shoes off and put my fluffy socks on).

Have a wonderful day guys!
If you are flying in the near future, have a lovely, relaxing and safe flight. 
Remember to bring layers for when it gets cold, keep it loose and comfortable, be relax.
Don't forget to bring your neck pillow, my hippo is a much needed piece of my travel gear. It relieve pressure on my neck and reduce my neck pain.



What do you wear on a long flight? Do you prefer comfort or style?