Sunday, June 14

Quote of the Day

Winners lose much more often than losers. So if you keep losing but you are still trying, keep it up!
You are right on track.
~Matthew Keith Groves~

Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday everyone :-)


What I'm wearing: Maternity Dress: Asos,  Necklace: Monoprix,  Shoes: H&M


  1. Wow, Iove your pics, especialy first and the last one... so magic
    I follow you on GFC, I hope you will follow bsck .

  2. That last picture is simple PERFECT :)

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  3. beautiful pictures....

  4. Very inspirational quote dear Dusana, where have you been? After a long time, I got your new post. You look so pretty, loved your whole outfit! Kisses <3

  5. That's true!
    Beautiful photos, especially the last one :)

  6. Hi my lovely Dusana ! Omg, Look at you and your goring baby that inside you. Beautiful picture:). I wish I did blog when I pregnant: but I doubt it I probably cloud not because I worked full time then. I can't wait to see and welcome your little angle to the world:). Hoping you're doing so fine yourself and prego's too. How excited Dusana:). I'm super excited and happy for you! I remembers when I first then becomes a mom:). The happy tear was all over my eyes:). I'm good for now but busy working. Don't worried about a late reply at all. We are grown up women and have too many things in life to take care of beside blog:).

    Take care and enjoy the beautiful moment:)

  7. You look fabulous and loved that quote!! :)