Tuesday, April 16

Make your eyebrows grow back

We all want to look and feel younger.
Did you know that thicker eyebrows will make you look younger, whereas thinner eyebrows will make you appear aged?
Even though thin eyebrows look neater, they tend to make us look older.

The idea here is not too thin or too thick, it is rather what looks natural and what really suits your face while making you look your age and not older. 
But what if you have already over plucked your brows? 
Don't worry!
There are a few ways that you can try when looking to enhance the appearance of thicker, fuller eyebrows. One way is to stop plucking for a few months. It is a hard choice, but if you cannot go wit this one, you still can grow your eyebrows back. 
There are many natural ways to grow eyebrow hair back quickly and thicker than before.


Quick Tips :
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- Massage Olive oil into your eyebrows every day. Always massage oil into the direction of your
  brow hair growth.


- Massage Castor oil into your eyebrows. Avoid applying eye make up, such as mascara, eye liner or 
  eye shadow, as these products can become pasty when they come into contact with castor oil. Apply
  it before going to bed, massage it into your brows.

- Try Coconut oil, it makes your brows thicker and darker.

- Another tip is Vaseline. Massage your eyebrows with Vaseline at least 2-3 times a day.

- Swipe an over-the-counter eyebrow conditioner on your eyebrows one or two times per day.


- Take a multivitamin daily. Magnesium, zinc, biotin, silica, sulfur and vitamin B6 are the most 
  important vitamins for your brow growth.