Tuesday, April 23

Jewelry as a token of appreciation

Ahh, jewelry!
Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, diamonds, gemstones, etc.
Why do women love jewelry? 
For me the answer is very simple.

When we get a jewelry, each piece becomes part of our life and tells a story as pieces are bought, collected and given to us as gifts.
Women ... we love to collect beautiful things, because little sparkles make us look classy. 
Plus, when a man buys it for us we feel special. A nice piece of jewelry from my boyfriend makes me feel valued, special and cared for. 

Another reason why I like jewelry is, because it is very feminine and I'm sure many woman like to embrace their femininity.
The best part is that they come in so many colors, styles, plus each piece is different and unique.
It's like wearing a piece of art.
And of course the right jewelry can pull an outfit together and add a glamorous touch to our outfits.

Have fun this summer, add a glamorous touch to your outfit with the kind of jewelry that will make you instantly stand out in the crowd. Wear it as a reminder of special occasion or use it as a way to express yourself. 
Take care of your jewelry!


BCBG MAX AZRIA jewelry, one of my favorites