Wednesday, December 12

Stay warm this Christmas

Winter is here and so is Christmas time! 
But with all this, come cold weather and that's why it's important to keep yourself warm from head to toe. So how can you keep yourself warm and comfortable this winter? 

1.) Keep moving. Working out in the cold may be the last thing you feel like to do, but doing exercise
     in the cold has the opposite effect. It will give you a rush of endorphins which will boosts your
     mood. Exercise increase the blood flow to the body that heat up your skin and you feel warmer.

2.) Take hot bath, it will warm you up in no time. It is a nice way to relax your muscles, especially
     after a stressful day. Try to add some bath salts, herbs, candles or soothing music. Don't forget to
     moisturize your skin daily to avoid dryness.

3.) Give yourself a blanket treatment. Keep yourself warm and comfortable on your bed or on the 
     couch, while watching your favorite movie. Fleece blankets and throws are incredibly warm, 
     lightweight and less bulky than most other fabrics. Fold the bottom edge of the blanket up over 
     your feet, and then wrap one side of the blanket over your body, tucking it under you as needed.

4.) Keep your toes warm with socks. Wearing fleece slippers around the house can help keep your
     feet warm. I highly recommend these socks from Next , they're comfortable, warm and good

5.)  When it’s cold, it’s very important to dress warmly, protect your head, hands and feet. Wearing a
       hat will stop the heat loss from your head and keep the rest of your body warmer.

6.) Keep yourself warm, with woolen clothes, sweaters and jackets. Wearing several thin layers of 
     clothes will help you stay warm in cold weather. Wear a windproof and waterproof jackets and 
     thick waterproof shoes or boots. The good news is there are so many winter warmers to choose 

Get cozy this Christmas with the help from Next shop online for the latest fashion for women, men, children and homeware.


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  1. I'm def getting some warm scarf and gloves very soon!

  2. Oh so cute!!

  3. My ears, nose, fingers, and toes get so cold in the winter! I don't own any scarves, so there's nothing I can do for my poor nose!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!I really love christmas..I am not going enywhere without my gloves and my winter hat :P Anyway.. I would be happy to follow each other!What do you think??? :) Just let me know your answer -where you follow me- on my blog and then i followed you back!!!

    keep the good work!!
    xoxo stefaniaa!!