Thursday, October 11

Fashion umbrellas

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I love when it rains

Do you love when it rains? 
Since Monday it has been cold and raining a lot. Some people don't like it, but I love when it rains.

For me it seems as it with rain everything bad washes away, all problems, worries.
Especially when it is raining a lot, it is so refreshing and very relaxing.
Feeling the rain, walking in the rain, hearing it and seeing it, really washes away all the stress.
It feel so good. 
My favorite thing is to light up my scented candle, make a big, hot, cup of coffee and write.
Rain is my muse and I find it to be very peaceful and inspirational.

Does bad weather affect your motivation and get you down?
If rainy days get you down, think positively and surround yourselves with positive people.
A rainy day may leave you with terrible hair and a bad mood, but it doesn't have to be that way.
Try and listen, there's just something soothing about the sound of rain.
Next time it rains, try making an amazing day in. Stay in bed, watch movies, drink hot chocolate (coffee or tea), learn to love the rain.
Whatever the weather, stay positive! 


Even though rain is relaxing and beautiful, being cold or wet can make you catch a cold. Especially now in October when temperature drop drastically down. Keep your walking days in the rain for summer and for now start using an umbrella.



  1. Great post. It rains a lot in Holland, but it doesn't bother me that much.


    1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for stopping by.

      Dusana :-)

  2. Great images... I don't like rain =(

  3. I love rain, reminds me of my childhood and summer holidays spent in our cottage :)

    1. Hi Keany, that is lovely, for me as well with the rain, come many nice memories.

      Dusana :-)

  4. Hi floweret

    I loved these umbrellas, pity it isn't have these models in Brazil.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Becky ^^

    1. Hi Becky, maybe you can get some fashion umbrella through the internet.

      Dusana :-)

  5. The transparent one is the best <3 I always wanted to have something like this. :))

    Dziękuję za komentarz u mnie! Obserwuję i zapraszam do obserwowania mnie :3

  6. We do get a lot of rain here in Malaysia. And it has rained for 2 days now. But I love rain. I love the sounds of rain as I'm going to sleep. I sleep like a baby whenever it's rain. Anyway, nice images. I think Penelope look stylish under the umbrella.

  7. I like the new senz umbrella, its quite practical and has a bit of style. However I am a guy, so I dont think I could get away with using the umbrellas you posted above sadly.