Tuesday, July 10

How to wear perfume

Wearing perfume gives you pleasure, not only because it smells nice, but also because it gives you confidence and it makes you feel sexy.
The perfume you use may be more appreciated when you know where to apply it and applying it correctly is just as important as picking the right scent.
I love wearing perfume, but nowadays with so many new fragrances released it's impossible for me to chose only one. But I believe it's good to change fragrance from time to time.

There's something you should know, be aware of the weather. On hot summer days, scents tend to last longer, whereas in cold weather has the exact opposite effect. So, vary the amount of perfume you wear with each season.
Also don't spray perfume directly into your hair. Some hair products might react to the fragrance negatively causing strong odors.

Quick tips
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1.) Apply perfume on your skin preferably after a bath/shower since your skin is nice and clean and
      can absorb your favorite fragrance more thoroughly.
2.) Always apply your fragrance before you dress.
3.) Less is more, you want to bring people to your attention, not clear the room. 
4.) Spray the back of your neck so when you flip your hair or toss your head, the scent is "stirred up''.
5.) Don't perfume all your pulse points. You might just over do it, so chose carefully.
6.) Spray only pulse points where your blood flows is the strongest and the skin is the warmest.
7.) Don’t rub your wrists together after you have put on perfume. Instead just dab on a little and 
     gently press your wrists together.
8.) Spray perfume from a distance.
9.) Do not spray scent directly on your clothes because perfume can stain fabrics and cling to them.
10)Be confident with your scent.

So what if you don't know what is your fragrance? 
Sephora is by far my favorite cosmetics store. They are always extremely helpful and have wonderful customer service. If you need anything cosmetic go there. www.sephora.fr   
You can't go wrong.
Important note!   :-)
Don't just wear something because it's a designer perfume. Make sure you absolutely love the scent.
I've been told, that the best time to go shopping for a fragrance is in the afternoon or after work, because our sense of smell is the strongest at that time.

Remember to wear your scent and not let the scent wear you, wear it in appropriate doses!

Your best pulse points on your body
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
- behind the ears and on the earlobes
- the shoulders and upper arms
- under the chin
- under each breast and between the breasts
- the back of the hand and between the fingers
- heels, arches and between the toes, the inner and outer ankle bone
- the wrists, crook of the elbow, back of the knees, cleavage and neck

''Put on perfume where you'd like to be kissed.''
~Madame Coco Chanel~ 

''A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ''
~Christian Dior~


  1. Totally true!!! I do spray a little bit on my hair just under the ears! it works as you mentioned when you flip your hair, it gives the gentle perfumy breeze. Eva Mendes's mum sprays it in the air and walks thru it.

  2. thanks for the tips, really helpful :)

  3. Oehw this is quite a useful post!
    Thanks for sharing (:

  4. my favorites definitely have to be Miss Dior Cherie or Coco Chanel Mademoiselle '


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