Friday, June 22

Do you want to have sexy elbows

It's amazing how much attention we pay to moisturising our body, face, the skin around the eyes, the neck, but how many of you do the same for your elbows?
We rarely think about them.

No matter how long you have been ignoring your elbows, there are few steps you can take to soften your skin and get rid of dry skin and dark patches.
It’s important to regularly care for the elbows by exfoliating and moisturizing them. This will keep them smooth and hydrated. Exfoliating is good, because it will help remove dead cells.

Do you have beautiful arms, but dark spots on your elbows?

1.) Cut a large lemon in half.
     Rub each lemon half on your elbows and cover it with plastic wrap.
     Keep cleansed area away from the sunlight by staying indoors.
    You can rub away the pulp, but do not wash your elbows for about 2 hours.
     Moisturize the area with rich moisturiser and you should see a significant difference.
     Repeat this everyday until the dark spots are eliminated.
     If you don't have lemon in your kitchen, then look for yogurt or milk. 
     Both ingredients work well as natural skin lightener and they also add moisture to your dry, rough 

2.) Use a body exfoliating cream in the shower and scrub away those dry elbow areas (be careful not
     to make them sore) and then apply a rich moisturiser. This is best done in the evening, put a lot of
     cream and then sleep in a loose long sleeved cotton top, to allow the moisturiser to do its work.

3.) You can also use anti-wrinkle cream, if you think they are becoming a bit saggy, or too dry.

4.) During the day when you experience dry skin, use an olive oil. Make sure the area is
     nicely moisturize, cover it with a plastic wrap for 30 minutes and then remove.
     Using olive oil as a moisturizer is fantastic, it last all day and does wonders for the skin.
     I’m a true believer of using olive oil as a skin care regimen.

5.) Occasionally apply a rich foot cream for dry, rough skin to your elbows.


Remember !
Elbows are more prone to dryness and that's why they require proper care and attention, to stay soft, young and healthy.

Taking care of yourself may seem like a full-time job, but with some daily cleansing, it can be made easy. Look after yourself the natural way. 



  1. awesome, i'll try those things!
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