Tuesday, January 8

Wedding Guest Dresses Inspiration

Coucou everyone,

Next week we are invited to a wedding.
I really look forward to it. There's something absolutely charming about winter wedding.

If you are planning a wedding there is one thing that crosses everyone's mind when the times come ... ''The wedding dress!'' 
Choosing a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress can be a tough job. 
Not sure how to choose bridsmaid dresses? 
If you need some dresses ideas, this post is for you.
Get bridesmaids dresses ideas and inspiration. What you have to do is to make sure you choose a flattering one. 
Take a look at ever-pretty.com latest styles of stunning evening gowns and cocktail dresses. 
Don't hesitate and see their lovely collection. 
All their bridesmaids dresses are stunning and priced at less than $100. With so many styles and colors to choose from I can tell you, that you'll definitely find the one you looking for.

Awww, that moment when you find your dress ;-)
Just look at the photos below for inspiration.

Extra tip:
Their dresses are folded for faster shipping. Please use steam to remove any wrinkles upon arrival.
Also, don't forget to sign up and get 15% off.



Clothes (dresses) can tell the stories of our life. 
Whether a classic little black dress or a floor lenght, a statement piece is the goal. 
To help you in your quest to be the coolest guest, think about the below wedding dresses suggestions.
Ever_Pretty has a wedding guest dresses for a wide variety of styles and silhouettes.
Summer dresses are still a perfect choice. 
If you are concerned about your comfort level for the day, try an outfit in a soft, natural fabric.
Feel comfortable and at ease when wearing your dress and dance the night away.
Have an amazing time, lots of fun, laughs and remember to take photos! ;-)

A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride!
~Alfred Tennyson~

We all wish there were more bridesmaids out there.
~Gillian Jacobs~


Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.
~Sophia Loren~

Any woman can wear a great outfit, but it is her who makes the statement.
~Tammy Taylor~


  1. In each of them you look so beautiful! Regards:*

  2. Ale śliczne są teki sukienki! Najbardziej podoba mi się ta pierwsza <3

  3. great choices! I love your fashion sense and style. Every dresses looks good on you.

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  4. Najlepiej wyglądasz we wrzosowej, tej ostatniej. Ale we wszystkich wyglądasz pięknie :)