Thursday, August 9

Think for the Season Ahead, Think Pea Coat

Coucou guys!

Summer is in full swing, sun is shinning, weather is sweet :-) 
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer holiday.
You might still be looking for a bikini or a cute summer dress, but according to industry experts, now is the best time to buy winter coats. 
The thing is they come to stores beginning in early August.
Though it might seem early to start thinking about winter, I think it's the best time to shop. 
Because the best coats solds out very fast.
I don't like to talk about Christmas in August, but I believe it's not too early to get excited about nice and warm winter coat.
Investing and planning early gives you the opportunity to wear your coat soon as it's get a bit colder.
You can wear it over a nice dress and have it simply open or just draped across your shoulders.
I like classic and timeless style, for example like this pea-coat from one of my favorite online shop Zaful .
A peacoat is a double-breasted coat which can be worn in fall, winter and spring. Pea coats have been in style for quite some time. 
This coat looks fabulous worn open or buttoned up. You can also wear it with a scarf for a cozy and trendy statement. 

Think for the season ahead, think pea coat !!!

Summer, summer, summer!!!
A little extra for those who love summer period and don't want to think about autumn and colder days.
Here's something to put you in a happy and relaxed mood. 
Take a look at Zaful lovely summer collection and get inspired. No worries at all!
There's still time for your last minute shopping. Hurraaa, you can get your vacation wardrobe ready ;-)

Have a wonderful, sunny and magical summer everyone!



''The summer night is like a perfection of thought.''
~Wallace Stevens~

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