Sunday, May 6

SheIn Summer Inspiration

Coucou everyone,

Have you booked your summer trip (vacation)?
I cannot believe it's already May, it goes too fast. I think it's time to start thinking about booking summer holidays. 
Well, we are still trying to decide where to go on holidays this year. 
Two months ago we went to Japan and it was a dream (I have to share with you photos from our trip), but this summer we would love to stay in Europe. We haven't booked our holidays yet, but I'm already thinking what to pack for our well deserved summer getaway. 
But let's be honest. Packing the right holiday essentials isn't easy. I don't know if you are the same, but I don't like packing. I found it very stressful and I always leave it for the last minute. Of course it is followed by panic and more stress (I call it packing anxiety). I want everything to be perfect and not to forget important things and that put pressure on. 
I told myself that this time I'm gonna prepare before. I'm already making notes of what I like. 
Because of the numerous advantages and benefits, I prefer to buy clothes online. I love internet shopping, the choices are always amazing.
Take a look at my wishlist from SheIn and get inspired.
Shein is the premier destination for affordable and contemporary women's fashion. Their stock is amazing  and they offer worldwide shipping.
Need more inspiration? Take a look at their website and have fun shopping ;-)





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