Sunday, February 11

FashionMia Inspiration

Coucou everyone,

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend.
Today I would like to talk to you about FashionMia  online shop for modern and affordable women's clothing. They have cute fashionable trends in all sizes. Vintage clothing, casual dresses, irresistible dresses, jewelry, top, bottoms, bags, shoes and much more.
They have also plus size clothing in style you'll admire.
Please, just make sure you follow their size chart. Check what the material is made from before you order, so you don't have any problems.
Make sure to clicks on the links to find out more about each piece from FashionMia. 
Take a look at my wishlist and find what you're looking for.



Do you like to wear hoodies?
The hoodie is cosy, it's perfect for travelling, good for the gym or just for a simple, lazy day at home.
But, can you wear a hoodie and not look like a teenager?
Yes, you can.No hassle, plenty of style.
When you grow up, your wardrobe changes. 
It's all about the style.You can style your hoodie with some statement accessories, handbag and scarf.
Don't forget to add your confidence ;-)
My favorite style is with jeans, ankle boots and earrings.
Take a look at  hoodies for women and get inspired.


  1. very nice picks <3 Have a happy Monday :) Kisses <3

  2. beautiful choices!!!