Monday, July 24

Stand Out from the Crowd in a Maxi Dress

Coucou everyone,

As a mum I spend my days off looking after my little one and often going to the park for a nice walk.
My boy loves to run and his favorite game is to make me run behind him :-)
So, after the morning coffee (or milk for him) we dress and go to the park which is very close from home. Now my little one is almost 2 so he walk by himself, it's so nice to see him grow and teach him new stuff like walking next to me and stopping at crossing lines. He seems to love learning new things and Im always impressed how fast can babies understand.

When I went to the park last week it was hot and sunny.
If you read a few of my posts you must know that I'm a fan of a long (maxi) dresses. During the summer I think it's the perfect everyday outfit. On the way to the park I got stopped twice because of my dress. Two different girls asked me where I got it from. I was very happy and felt good about myself. It always feel nice to receive compliments. Getting a nice compliment can make you feel great.

How about you ? Do you wear those long dresses ?
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