Friday, September 5

Going to the beach is practically like going to a spa

If only we could have holidays all year round.

Holidays are about experiences and people, tuning into what you feel like doing at the moment.
Enjoy not having to look at a watch.
~Evelyn Glennie~

Fresh air, sun and the sea makes you relax ... Oh, how nice is to lie down on the beach and feeling the sun rays warm your body. 
Some people say we don't need holidays that much, but there is a positive side to it.
Whenever I'm on holidays, I notice how much my skin changes. It get more soft, real smooth and clear. Sea water is also an amazing treatment for spots and scars. 
It is as well great for your hair. Salt makes hair very soft, smooth and adds volume. My hair always get lots of volume and I really love it.
Have you also noticed that after leaving the beach, the soles of your feet became very soft?
Going to the beach is practically like going to a spa.


On my last holidays tu Tunisia, I had a chance to wear this lovely  Bohemian Plunging Neck Short Sleeve Printed Dress from Sammy Dress. The material is extremely nice, perfect for sunny, hot days, keeping your skin protected and cool.
Thank you Sammy Dress :-)



  1. Lookung great doll.

  2. Lovely outfit and gorgeous you :) xoxo

  3. so true , going to beach has the same effect as going to spa
    u look great :)
    keep in touch

  4. Nice dress, love the print on it. Looks stunning.
    Thank you for the visit:)


  5. Every time I lie down in the sand I almost fall asleep

    xoxo, ♥

    1. Me too :-)
      It is a nice way to clear your mind and relax.

  6. Hi my lovely Dusana. I agree with you about beach and spa. Both are relax feelings. You look so pretty. The pictures are so beauty looking.

    I hope you have a wonderful week ahead my dearie Dusana.

    Hugs an kissess

    1. Hello my lovely Tanya, so nice to hear from you.
      Hope your week is great and not too busy.

      Hugs and kisses!

  7. Ahhh, if only I lived near such a lovely beach. I think I have about 3925 spas closer to me! I should do some more digging around in England and visit the likes of Cornwall where there is supposed to be warmer weather and nicer beaches. Rosemary x

    1. Hi Rosemary. It is nice to visit and see new places. Hope you'll have a chance to go to Cornwall very soon.

  8. Awesome shoots! Ypu look great on this dress!
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava

  9. Great pics! You're right: The beach is an immense Spa :)))


  10. i couldn't agree more! Beautiful photos.

  11. Hi Dusana, I totally agree with you about beach and spa, both are relax feeling. You look really gorgeous in all pics! Kisses <3

    1. Hi Rakhshanda, thank you for stopping by.
      Have a great day, hugs!

  12. Hi Dusana, this is so true! I noticed the same, wish I was on holidays all the time to be honest lol!:P Just kidding. The photos are great, Id like to visit Tunisia too and your dress is very cute, perfect for the location. Looking so pretty!:) Kisses! xo

    1. Hi Lilli, merciiii! If it was only possible to have holidays more often :-D
      Take care!
      Kisses :-)

  13. Hi my lovely Dusana, I think we should talk to these people who think holidays are not that important ;-). I would love to go to the sea right now. I even dreamt I was swimming in it 2 days ago. Guess that means I need a vacay asap!! So glad you enjoyed your holidays in Tunesia. That dress looks marvelous and it a steal for ca $10. I really love Sammydress. Have a happy Saturaday sweetheart!!