Thursday, March 20

Happy First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring, are you doing something special?
Spring is a wonderful season because everything begins to grow. In the Spring the weather is just right. The sky seems to be always blue and the air is very fresh. Everything around becomes beautiful... beautiful flowers, blossoming trees, green grass, etc.
I love waking up to the sound of birds singing outside, it always put me in a good mood, even though I have to wake up very early. It is like nature itself is saying ''Good morning''. 

Reasons I love Spring: 
1.) Fresh air
2.) Blossoming flowers and trees
3.) Birds singing
4.) Longer days
5.) Picnics in the park
6.) Time for cycling in the park, around the city
7. ) Outdoor exercise 
8.) Changing of the wardrobe for a cute floral dresses and skirts 

Have a nice beginning of Spring! Enjoy the beautiful days, open your windows and let the sunshine in.