Tuesday, January 28

Romantic Pastel Colors

Lately I became a huge fan of light soft pastel colors. They look so cute, feminine and give you a romantic, soft look.
Pastel colors are commonly associated with Spring and since the Spring is fast approaching, it's time to do some shopping. 
This season there are a lots of pale colors choices in clothes and lace fabric nearly in every shop. I'm already looking forward to go shopping this weekend. 
My favorite is pastel pink. Pink represents innocence, softness, sweetness, youthfulness, tenderness, romance, friendship and femininity.

Quick tip:
Try and combine pastels colors to get a romantic look. Do not be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. Also bright colors are well-suited with pastels as well. Wearing the pretty pale shades head-to-toe is unmistakably feminine and very refreshing. 
Keep trying and you'd be surprised at how many combinations you can create.


Top: H&M  Skirt: Next  Jacket:Pimkie