Monday, September 23

Extra tips on how to shave legs

Taking care of yourself and feeling good in your own body is very important. Even if you're less-than-polished at all times, it is important to be confident.
We all want to look good, starting with a great hairstyle, perfect outfit, jewelry, those amazing shoes and lets not forget perfectly smooth legs. 
Today I want to share with you excellent tips for shaving your legs, because perfectly smooth, moisturised legs look great.
Do you want to shave your legs and get them as smooth and silky as possible?
Or do you want to know what you can do if you run out of shaving cream?

Here are some tips:
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Never shave with just water. Shaving your legs with just water can leave you with cuts and irritation. It is essential for your legs to be wet for at least two or three minutes before shaving. For best results, wait until the end of the shower before you shave. Shave against the growth of hair using careful strokes and applying even pressure. 

Did you know that hair conditioner is good for shaving your legs?
If you run out of shaving cream use your hair conditioner
, it softens the hairs and works just as well as shaving cream. This also moisturizes and softens your skin. I’ve used conditioner multiple times and it works wonders.

Shaving your legs with shaving gel or cream can irritate sensitive skin.
Try using baby oil on your legs. Baby oil, if applied as a daily regimen, will give you smooth, baby soft skin. 

And of course we all know that waxing is a great way to get smooth, shiny legs and the results will last much longer than shaving.

Have a great and smooth week everyone!

Dusana :-)


  1. Shaving is not the technic of depilation I use, but those are some nice tips :)

  2. Excellent tips to share hair..
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  3. Hey Dusana, thanks for visiting my blog.. this is a very informative post. I never knew I could use Hair conditioner for shaving my legs! Thanks for the post.

  4. thanks for the info... i didn't know it. thanks!!!

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  5. Hi Dusana! Thanks for the tip, very helpful! I didnt know the hair conditioner was also good for shaving, need to try! Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

  6. great tips. Very unusual but I bet they work perfectly;-)

    Kisses from Ireland

  7. so usefull tips!!Great post dear thanks for sharing!!kisses my friend!

  8. so usefull tips!!Great post dear thanks for sharing!!kisses my friend!

  9. I had no idea about it, thank you for advice! I'm going to try it out)
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  10. ohh thank you >.< I usually use shampoo to do it but I think I will change it with a conditioner now xD

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  11. This is such a helpful tips, I have never know we can use a hair conditioner, I used a soap when I ran out of a shaving cream. I am glad to hear from you. I hope everything is well with you sweet Dusana! Hugs and kisses!


  12. Very great and useful tips!
    Thank you for sharing!



  13. Great a useful info!! defiantly gonna use those tips!!

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  16. I can always use an extra few tips :)

  17. Using untisun protection is good for our skin.
    I dont want my skin be affected

  18. Great post! I actually didn't know about the tip with baby oil... :)

  19. Thank you all for your lovely messages, have a great weekend.

    Dusana :-)