Tuesday, July 16

Make your hair grow faster

All woman want to know how to get long hair fast.
Have you ever wished that you would have thicker, stronger and longer hair so much quicker?

I love long hair. Last summer my hair was getting to my desired lenght, when I cut them short. It was a quick decision without thinking.
The first month I enjoyed my hair short, but after I decided to grow my hair long again.
Long, healthy hair is a sign of beauty, vitality and youth.
When it comes to healthy hair, it's all about diet. What goes into your body will have effect on your hair growth and strength. 
Now my hair getting long again.
Here are the tips that help me to grow my hair faster.


Lets start with basics:
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You should drink plenty of water to help condition your hair. Water keeps your skin and hair hydrated. 

Try to use coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only good for adding nutrients to the hair, but it is also good for weight loss.

Exercise, increased blood flow on the scalp will help improve the health of your hair. It is a key factor in stopping hair loss. 

Some key nutrients for hair growth include: iron, silica, calcium, B Complex vitamins, Vitamins A - C - E, Biotin. Daily dose of a multi-vitamin with biotin helps the hair grow healthier. Some foods that contain these vitamins are: leafy green vegetables, dried fruits, eggs, citrus fruits and yams. 

A diet that is low in protein will cause thinning and weak hair. From now on eat a lot of protein, it makes hair stronger and healthy.

Healthy protein sources include lean meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, nuts, beans and soy products.  

Do you like sushi?
If you do, you will be happy to know that your hair likes it too. Sushi is extremly high in protein, so it helps hair to grow.  

Massage your scalp to stimulate circulation to the follicles which can promote hair growth. When you massage your scalp, use a good oil. This can help prevent a dry scalp and also keep your hair better conditioned. 

Green tea, many people recommend drinking several cups of green tea a day to promote hair growth. Drinking cranberry juice also helps. Green tea will boost your body's immune system, keep your hair shiny and clear skin as they contain antioxidants.  

Phyto hair vitamins. I have to say I'm very pleased with these vitamins. My nails and hair grows stronger and faster. It is a little pricey, but having healthy hair and nails is worth the price.

Follow each of these steps carefully, and you will begin to notice, stronger, smoother, long and healthy hair in no time!  

I decided to share with you pictures of me, my hair and hairstyle changes from a few years back until now:

My hair and make-up done professionally

I like to let my hair down and be myself

Romantic and wavy hairstyle last year in July

My short hair from last year in September

My hair after wash, they are wavy, but you can see they grew a lot