Tuesday, July 2

Juicy Watermelon full of Antioxidants

This morning I started my day by snacking on a watermelon.
Well, summer is finally here and so it's time for red and juicy fruit. Watermelon is one of the most thirst-quenching fruits, sweet and delicious.
How refreshing it is to have a watermelon during hot weather
Or even better is to have a glass of watermelon juice, mixed on it's own or mixed with (orange, grapefruit, etc).
Watermelon is rich in antioxidants and we all know that antioxidants are important for maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

Watermelon benefits:
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- Watermelon is an excellent source of several vitamins.
- Watermelon boost energy.
- It is full of antioxidants.
- It is a source of vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and is an antioxidant.
- Vitamin B6, which helps brain function and helps convert protein to energy. 
- Drinking watermelon juice can naturally eliminate waste and promote proper digestion.
- Watermelon will help you to lose weight because it is a low calorie fruit.
- Yes, eating watermelon can speed up the metabolism.
- Reduce the inflammation, heal wounds, promote healthy teeth and gums.
- Watermelon is rich in Vitamin C and Beta-Carotenes. Both have anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease inflammation that contributes to conditions like diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis, colon cancer and arthritis. 

Quick Tip :
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Watermelon can also be used as a beauty aid to reduce skin blemishes. 
Simply rub your skin with a small piece of watermelon. Leave the juice on for 10-20 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.  

Did you know that watermelon can help improve sleep?
Yes, by eating a few slices of this fruit after dinner can extend the deep stages of sleep by 27%.
The benefits of watermelon are many. 
Eat or make a wonderful watermelon juice this summer to get all the benefits.