Saturday, May 25

Weekend is here, relax and get energized

Weekend is finally here. 
It has been raining for last few days and it's supposed to rain all weekend, but it doesn't bother me.
I love weekends. 
Resting at home, watching movies, going for a long walk in nature, cycling, shopping, meeting friends, having dinner outside, not to forget some cocktails and of course after a long Saturday night, how nice is to go out and have a tasty Sunday brunch.

To have fun, you can do anything.
Have dinner at a restaurant nearby and take a walk around your favorite place.
Enjoy your weekend, relax, take time to simply do nothing.
Oh, how beautiful it is to do nothing.

It is nice to paused, to enjoy the beauty of the sky, listening the relaxing sounds of the wind or take a walk in the park. Relax your body along with your mind. 
Remember: Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.

Don't forget to bring along your camera, who knows what you’ll find.
Wishing you all a great weekend full of joy!


I love spending time in nature.
Ahhh, Paris!

''Spend some time this weekend on home improvement, improve your attitude toward your family.'' 
~Bo Bennett~

''The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.'' 
~Chuck Palahniuk~

''Weekends do not count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.'' 
~Bill Watterson~



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  2. Lovely long weekend in London, we are going to Camden Canal tomorrow which looks like from your pic :)

  3. amazing!xjes

  4. Hi Dusana! Agree so much with your words, what a true text you wrote!:) Very positive and nice! Making that all the weekends when they come!:) Happy Sunday dear, kisses! xo

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  6. lovely photos and I do like the quotes...especially one about weekend being pointless if we don't spend them doing something pointless. I'm following:)

  7. Oh I love Paris <3

  8. Gorgeous photos dear!!!

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  10. Thank you for you visit to my blog, and it's my turn to visit yours.
    Please keep in touch, and may we can meet someday.

    Where do you live? I am in Paris.

    Kisses from Paris,


  11. Hey babes!
    Hope you had a great weekend... :)
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  12. Oh I love to go picnic some park with all my children and feel the fleshy airs..
    I wish you have an amazing weekend yourself Dusana! While I'm commenting on your blog, you may probably relaxing somewhere fresh! Enjoy!


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  15. I hope it was a sweet weekend ^^

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